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Vegan Marshmallows!!

  Marshmallows!!! And yes, these happen to be Vegan Marshmallows, that's right....Vegan. Was it easy? Nope. I have to admit I made and re-made these 5, yes 5 times, cause I am just that stubborn. So for those of you out there that are vegan/vegetarian and love marshmallows - Hey Rebekkah!! - this is the recipe for you!   Vegan Marshmallows Ingredients 2 -1/2 T agar agar 1/4 C + 2 T water 2 tsp vanilla 1-1/2 cups sugar 1/4 C + 2 T water 1/2 C + 2 T corn syrup 1/4 tsp salt Line a 8 x 8 pan with parchment paper. Spray with non-stick spray. Set aside. Fit your mixer with the whisk attachment. In the mixer bowl combine 1/4 C + 2 T water with vanilla extract. Sprinkle the agar agar over the liquid. Let sit 1 hour. Yes, 1 hour. Trust me, you'll be sorry if you're not patient at this stage of the game. I think this was try # 2 for me. About 30 minutes after sprinkling the agar agar over the liquid, begin to prepare the syrup. In a heavy saucepan combine corn syrup, salt, sugar, and remaining water (1/4 C + 2 T). Bring to a boil with the lid on and without stirring. When mixtures is at a boil, remove the lid and continue to cook without stirring until it reaches the soft-ball stage (234-240 F). Use a candy thermometer, seriously. Do not overcook at this point. Overcooking will make the marshmallows tough and not whip properly. And NO ONE wants that.... With the mixture at medium speed, slowly pour the hot syrup down the side of the bowl and into the agar agar. Watch out here (!) the syrup is very hot and could very well do some splashing. If you have a splash guard, now would be a good time to use it. When all the syrup is added, bring the mixture up to full speed. Whip until the mixture is very fluffy and stiff, about 10 minutes, give or take a few minutes. Pour marshmallow into the prepared pan and smooth if necessary. Allow the marshmallows to sit, uncovered at room temperature for 12 hours.** And don't forget (as if you would) to taste it soft and warm as it goes into the pan. Mix together equal parts rice flour and powdered sugar and generously dust over the rested, ready marshmallow slab. Turn the slab onto a cutting board, peel off parchment paper and dust with more sugar/rice flour combo. Cut with scissors or what I prefer - pizza cutter - into squares or desired shape. Dust all cut edges with the sugar/rice flour mixture. Marshmallows will keep for several weeks in an airtight container at room temperature. *** If you'd like to make the non-vegan variety substitute 2 gelatin envelopes for the agar agar. No need to wait 1 hour either for it to bloom. Just sprinkle over the water + vanilla and continue on.....  

Softening the agar agar


Cooking the syrup


Adding the syrup to the agar agar


Whipped marshmallows!! Yes, this is where you taste it πŸ™‚


VoilΓ !! They're done and yummy. So see even after 5 tries it really can be done. Go for it, you can do it too.....

43 Responses to “Vegan Marshmallows!!”

  1. JoAnn Jeffrey says:

    I love the look of the whipped (tasting) marshmallows. Mine would not make it past that stage!!!!!

  2. Janessa says:

    I’m getting ready to make these! I’m so excited to have found your recipe. I’ve tried to make vegan marshmallows twice already and both batches failed. Fingers crossed yours works for me. Thanks for posting your recipe!

  3. Elise says:

    2.5 TBSP of agar seems like a lot – is that agar powder, or agar flakes? Other recipes I’ve looked at used 1 tsp…but the one I tried didn’t work out, so maybe that was the fail?

    • susie says:

      They can be tricky to make, I have had my share of fails πŸ™‚ That is the correct amount of agar agar and I used it in powder form. Hope this helps!

  4. Kris says:

    Looks amazing. I can’t wait to try these. I have made it my reward to try this recipe when I have met some goals. I have made vegan meringues with soy protein powder and flaxseed from recipes on the internet so I am eager to try it with this. I am wondering if it would be possible to make a meringue topping by covering a pie with the marshmallow fluff and when it is set, browning it briefly in the oven.

  5. rachel ruskowski says:

    I have tried to make marshmallows six times (just this recipe once) and they have never turned out! Looking at your pictures I notice you used a metal bowl and I have a glass bowl mixer can this be why? has anyone made marshmallows with a glass mixing bowl? I really want to successfully make marshmallows and I can’t figure out why they haven’t worked out…yet! To the best of my knowledge I have followed the recipe to a tee…thank you if anyone can help πŸ™‚

    • susie says:

      Hi Rachel, Sorry about the delay in responding. Life. I have a couple of thoughts on this: A couple of things might be happening here when marshmallow making, when the hot sugar syrup and gelatin are whipped together both have to do with getting enough air into the batter during whipping: evaporation of moisture from the batter, and the gelatin and sugar begin to cool and set while air is incorporated. One way to know that you’re on your way to marshmallows that will cure and set properly is that a sufficiently-whipped marshmallow batter will hold a soft shape for a several seconds before schlumping back on itself when you pull up the whisk attachment. Now the bowl, using a metal bowl (as in a Kitchen Aid) may or may not make a difference. I do know that the bowl will be cool to the touch all over (the bottom retains warmth) and that in itself perhaps is the difference. I also think that humidity makes a difference, especially in the evaporation of the moisture. And do a check of your thermometer, you’d be surprised out of whack they can become. One other thing to try is to use less water when adding to the agar agar, try 1 tbs to 2 tbs less (especially if you are living in a very humid area). I hope all this helps, good luck!!!

  6. rachel ruskowski says:

    Thanks Susie! Thank you for responding πŸ™‚ I will try what you suggested *fingers crossed* I am determined!!

  7. Julie says:

    Those marshmallows look amazing! I’ve had success with other recipes, but your marshmallows look entirely different. I had a couple of questions though. The recipe calls for 2.5 tablespoons of agar. Is that agar powder?If so, that seems like an awful lot. Also, why is the agar never boiled? From what I understand, it doesn’t really release its proper gelling power unless boiled. Is this your experience? Thanks a ton!

    • susie says:

      Hi Julie,
      That is the correct amount of agar agar. I used it in powder form. Why not boiled? Here’s why – I did some research and most recipes do call for boiling of the agar agar and I must say that one of my first attempts I did boil it and honestly, not one of my best attempts so……I decided to try using it as if it were gelatin, just to see what would happen. After NOT letting it soak for the full 1 hour on one of my first attempts (it was not pretty) I tried soaking it longer. I came to the conclusion that it is in the full one hour soaking of the agar agar and then in the adding of the boiling hot syrup that activates the thickening agent. It worked!! I hopes this helps…..good luck!!

  8. Julie says:

    Wow, that’s crazy! That’s so not what I’ve ever done in the past. Good thing I have a huge jar of agar here and am dying for marshmallows that look like yours. Thanks for your response!

  9. Stella says:

    A question about the measurements in your marshmallow recipe made with agar; does ”T” mean teaspoon or tablespoon? Also, do you know how many grams in your cup measurement?

    • OhMySweetiePie says:

      Hi Stella,
      “T” means tablespoon, and regarding the grams: 1/2 cups sugar would be 300 grams and 1/2 cup corn syrup would be 164 grams. Hope this helps and good luck!! πŸ™‚

  10. Camille says:

    I just want to know wether you can use guar gum and normal syrup instead of agar agar and corn syrup?
    I know the taste will be different(tastes kind of like nougat) but will this make a huge difference?

    • OhMySweetiePie says:

      Hi Camille,
      Sorry we can’t be more help but we’re not sure, we’ve never tried that combination! We say — give it a shot and then let us know!!

  11. Erin says:

    There’s an ingredient line in your recipe without an ingredient – just a measurement.

    1-1/2 cups sugar
    1/4 C + 2 T _______________?
    1/2 C + 2 T corn syrup

    is it water??

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  13. Rebecca says:

    If using agar flakes, should the water be increased?

    • OhMySweetiePie says:

      Hi Rebecca,
      Crazy enough we did use flakes πŸ™‚ – the water amount is correct…..Good luck, let us know how they turn out.

  14. Kristen says:

    This recipe didn’t turn out for me. It never whipped. I later read to use 1 tsp of agar powder to 1 tbs of flakes if that helps anyone else because im sure that was the issue. I tried Martha Stewarts recipe and subbed agar powder for gelatin and it worked perfectly.

  15. sonya says:

    Ive read from Suzie and Sweetiepie that you’ve used both powder agar and flakes- is that in the same 2.5T amount for either?
    I have failed yours and other recipes something like 6 times now, all using agar, some flakes, some powder. Im a cook and a baker and its really bugging me that I cant do this!

    • Susie says:

      Hi Sonya,
      1 tea of powder equals 1 tbs of flakes. We’ve also used both but had better luck using the flakes. I see now where the confusion lies – in a previous reply (sorry Julie). And you know, I tried making vegan marshmallows so many times before succeeding that I can’t even tell you! Hang in there……and let us know when it happens πŸ™‚

  16. Susie says:

    Hey Becca,
    Nope, used flakes!! you can use both, the process is the same however, remember that 1 tea of powder equals 1 T of flakes!! Good luck!

  17. sagi says:

    i’ve tried making this recipe but unfortunately it didn’t go well.
    there are some possible reasons:
    i didn’t have corn syrup so i used glucose.
    i didn’t sprinkle the agar on the water, but the opposite.
    my mixer bowl is very big (kenwood major) and not working very well
    with small amounts.
    do you think one or more of these reasons is the problem?

  18. Jody says:

    I believe I did everything right but it just refuses to whip up!! Argh!! I just don’t know..

  19. Jody says:

    Something is missing. I think the sugar mixture should be made after the hour of waiting. Here’s why: I made the sugar mixture, boiled it to the right temperature then waited until the hour was up – which was about 10 mins of waiting. The mixture had time to cool down a bit. So I brought the temperature back up again then poured it in agar agar mixture.

    After 10 mins no fluff. I mixed for 10 more minutes and still nothing. Help please! I must try again until I get it right!!

  20. chris says:

    Iit does not work for me too. The mixture does not become fluffy n white. Its running after 15mins. How to make it work? Pls advise

  21. chris says:

    The agar agar powder in 1/4cup n 2tbs of water. It kind of become very dry. Is it correct? And beside agar agar powder is there other substitute that will make it work easier?

  22. Kayla says:

    Okay, I’ve tried 4 times and it just won’t whip.
    Does it have to be refined sugar instead of raw sugar?
    What temperature is it in your kitchen? Is it to warm during the summer to make these?
    The sugar is at 240 when it boil? Do you stop right away or let it cook for a few minutes?
    Can agar agar be “bad”?

  23. OhMySweetiePie says:

    Chris – You can try using agar agar flakes and see if there is a difference for you. It does become dry but sort of squishy.

    Kayla – I have only used refined granulated sugar so I don’t have any experience with raw in this recipe. I do think the humidity has something to do with how it whips up. Try making them on a low humidity day and see if it helps. When it reaches the boil point it’s done, take it off and proceed. I hope this helps. Many people have had a hard time getting this recipe to work. All I can say is don’t give up! Like I said, I tried many times before success!

  24. RJ says:

    Hi there,
    I am trying to get this recipe right but i only have agar flakes- plz tell me how much should I use? Also I am using homemade corn syrup ‘ coz its not sold in our area . Plz plz help, I am dying for this recipe to work

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  26. Robbyn says:

    I just tried this recipe and am now waiting the 12 hours to see how it worked. Couple of things, although my mixture tastes like yummy marshmellows, it’s a tan color instead of white. Any thoughts? Also, though the consistency seemed OK, it seemed like a small amount, maybe yielding a little less than half an inch in the pan. Seem right?

  27. Chilli says:

    So disappointed this didn’t work for me. πŸ™ I seemingly followed the instructions to the letter, same mixer, same candy thermometer…but I ended up with a vaguely beige goo. And it doesn’t even taste good! Seems kind of gritty, but not as if there was undissolved sugar, more like dust. My only guess is continued confusion about the amount of agar agar. I used 2 -1/2 T agar agar powder. Maybe I should have used 2 -1/2 t agar agar? Really appreciate you putting this out there, just sad that it didn’t work this time.

  28. Diana says:

    Is there any way you can tell us the brand of agar flakes you used? Followed everything exactly and it didn’t whip. I’m on my third try! I want to keep trying the recipe because the mixture tasted really good! It just didn’t whip at all. I used Ohsawa brand Sea Vegetable Gelatin (Kanten flakes) agar agar flakes. Would love to know what you used. Thanks!

  29. Christine Parrocha says:

    So u said use 2.5 T agar. I used powder which is 7.5 tsp.later rssponse u specities using flakes which should’ve been clarified in recipe. So could I use 2.5 tsp powder since u said 1 tsp equals 1 tbsp flakes? Also what flakes did u use.I used 7.5 tsp since type of agar wasn’t specified thus didn’t turn out. ..

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