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You need advice, we have it. What is the best chocolate to use in a soufflé? Got it. How about roasted beets in a cake? Yep. Cupcake ideas? Got em'....well, you get the idea. Need other advice? Got that too. Check back here for baking tips that we've learned through trial and error plus that advice that you don't really need but your mom just can't help herself in giving....oh yeah, and Rebekkah has some pretty darn good advice herself!

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  1. Leandra says:

    Happy October, and hope you don’t mind us getting in touch! Since you are an active member of our Photograzing Community, I wanted to make sure you knew about our Puff Pastry Contest!

    Contest Details

    When: The contest will run until October 19, so get baking!

    How to Submit? Head over to Photograzing where you can easily upload your entry.

    What Are We Looking For? We want to be wowed by your creative ways of using Puff Pastry in fall entertaining recipes. The possibilities? Endless. Feel free to go sweet or savory. Your entry can be Halloween-themed and spooky, or just make great use of the fall harvest. Have fun with this—it should be easy-to-assemble and impressive-to-serve. You’ll get points for creativity, seasonality, and presentation. And of course, it should be something we all want to eat!

    And, the winner will win a trip to Serious Eats Headquarters in New York City for a pastry crawl where he or she will eat some of the very best pastries in the city along with Ed Levine and the Serious Eats gang. The winner will also score a 5.5 quart stand mixer from Cuisinart and some great baking gear from Pepperidge Farm.

    We hope you will enter!


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