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Cherry White Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are simple and sweet and kinda just melt in your dipping cup of tea. It’s the end of January and it’s dark and cold and you just need to put that oven on and bake these. And dip. Go for it, like right now…… Cherry White Chocolate Chip Cookies   Ingredients   1 cup butter 1 cup brown sugar,
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Oreo Scones

Yes, scones with mini oreo cookies in them. I know crazy, right. Well, we happened to have some of those mini’s in the cupboard and sort of remembered coming across a scone recipe once with cookies in them so yeah, decided to create pretty much the same thing and….the results were awesome. A moist scone with many many little oreos
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Cookies with a Twist

Hello again, everyone! It’s been awhile. Unfortunately, this whole being in school thing really puts a damper on my ability to bake (reading cases takes a VERY long time!)   Not only that, but it’s SNOWY! Well, it’s snowy here. Susie is somewhere delightfully snow-less. Oh well, snow is pretty too, right?     The good news is, today, I
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