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Quinoa Brittle with Toasted Black Sesame Seeds

Well we do love quinoa, but “UH-OH”, as Zoe and Pippa would say. They are 19 months old and they know, oh they know. We do think that this recipe has potential however. Our sugar was heated a bit too long so what we got was one really crunchy candy. Like REALLY break-your-teeth-if-you’re-not- careful-crunchy. We’ll make this again, cook the
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Little Irish Oatmeal Cakes (Vegan)

So…tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, yes it is. Instead of posting a fancy green cocktail or Irish Soda Bread (how boring) we decided to give you a recipe that you will need the day after St. Patrick’s Day. And they are Vegan to boot. This is the killer of all killers for soaking up all the green beer you drank.
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Vegan Banana Avocado Muffins

  So….Banana and avocado muffins? And vegan and gluten free to boot? Ok. So how good can these actually be? We mean, seriously?! Well, good – that’s right, darn good. And here’s the thing, that color that they start out to be, that beautiful color of greenish yellow well, they end up like that too! Nice bonus in the visual
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citrus crisps

Citrus Crisps

Last month Susie came to visit for the Academy Awards. I think we’ve mentioned it before, but the Academy Awards are definitely Susie’s favorite holiday. We fill out brackets, eat an obscene amount of candy, and have a prize named Oscar. The point is, we love the Oscars. This year, it was also my cousin Shirel’s graduation from the Culinary
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Basic Vegan Chocolate Cake

  This is a great basic chocolate cake recipe that also happens to be vegan, yes vegan. And…it is delicious! It has a deep chocolatey wonderful flavor with a very nice moist crumb. The traditional basic chocolate cake recipe will be posted later so in the meantime you should probably give this one a try The nice thing too is
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Baked Doughnuts – Vegan-Gluten free + Browned Butter Baked

  A couple of things have happened recently: I bought a new doughnut pan, it’s snowing, I love doughnuts. OK, that last thing isn’t recent but still true. So….being snowed in and all it only made sense to bake. And bake I did!! Doughnuts!! I decided to start with Joy the Bakers basic baked doughnut recipe because I love almost
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Molly’s Peanut Butter Cookies (Vegan, Dairy Free)

I spent last week with Molly and Jack, both adorable, both like cookies. What’s a grandma to do but bake?! And bake with Molly of course After all, now that she is 20 months old, doesn’t eat sugar but has a sweet tooth (what baby doesn’t??) and likes to mix, taste and eat – this cookie couldn’t be better. This
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Jen’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

A very good friend of mine is moving today. The big u-haul is in her driveway. Sad, yes. Happy for her and her family, absolutely. I’m sad cause people like Jen don’t come around that often and I am very selfishly going to miss her. Oh we will see each again and yes, we will email and text and talk
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Gluten Free Banana Bread

  I know what you’re thinking. Gluten free bread is risky. It just is. I’m skeptical of gluten free baked goods too. The problem with most gluten free breads is that they’re too dry or have a weird after taste or, if you’re trying to make them, they use 12 million different types of flour. I can help with two
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Healthy Granola

Hello all! Do you know who we love? GIADA. I met her and it was amazing. Well, it was me turning bright red and her being super awesome. Anyways, I also think she makes some pretty awesome recipes. I recently found one for granola that didn’t use any oil, which makes it much healthier than a lot of other granola.
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