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Blood Orange Upside Down Muffin Cakes

These are lovely tea cakes, not too sweet but just sweet enough. Fancy them up with a dollop of freshly whipped cream, make your self a pot of tea and enjoy….Easy peasy to make and clementines or mandarines can be substituted for the blood oranges if you like. Lovely indeed.   Blood Orange Upside Down Muffin Cakes   Ingredients  
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Mini Upside-Down Grapefruit Cakes

  These are fun and delicious, especially if you like grapefruit. Of course, why else would you be looking at this recipe if you didn’t love grapefruit?? This is a shockingly easy recipe that has this sweet, tart, subtle flavor. You don’t see grapefruit in a desert all that much so you should probably give this one a try. It’s
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