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Bourbon Street Blackberry Brut Cocktail

  It’s Mardi Gras time so where ever you are let’s celebrate !!  You don’t have to go crazy, but how about a nice easy refreshing cocktail? That’s right, a cocktail. Put an umbrella in it too if it makes you feel more festive and while you’re at it, throw your beads on 🙂   Bourbon Street Blackberry Brut Cocktail
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Margarita Gummies

    Margarita Gummies? Say what? Yep. And tomorrow is  Cinco de Mayo no less  (May 5th!!). Crazy stuff. These are strong so watch it! They are very “gummy” like in texture so if you are an original gummy fan, meaning pretty rubbery, then you will love this. Well, texture and the buzz you’re going to get from them! Have fun…..and
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