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Bacon Pecan Meringues

One of us LOVES bacon because every thing is better with bacon, or so ONE of us thinks so anyway. So the idea of combining bacon in a meringue with a favorite nut of ours just seemed like a good idea. And maybe it still does to some of you. But here is what the one of us who loves
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Jeff’s Caramel-Pecan Sticky Buns

We have a friend, Jeff. Jeff loves sticky buns. He loves them so much that each week when we all would meet for coffee the only thing he would order was – you guessed it – a pecan sticky bun. So…of course we had to come up with some that are buttery and gooey and all things sticky bun. These
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Blue Cheese-Pecan Crackers

What’s better than a nice glass of red wine on a lazy Sunday afternoon?  Blue Cheese-Pecan Crackers AND red wine, that’s what! These crackers are something else, they really are. They’re rich, buttery and a little savory to boot!! We love these crackers not only because the flavor is incredibly deep but because they are so simple to make.  We
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Crack Pie with Pecans

    There is a wonderful blog out there called – The Daring Kitchen – and every month there is a new challenge, which is a blast! You not only get to try new fun recipes but you get to see what others did with the recipe as well. This month is the great pie challenge, not just any old
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