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Baked Doughnuts – Vegan-Gluten free + Browned Butter Baked

  A couple of things have happened recently: I bought a new doughnut pan, it’s snowing, I love doughnuts. OK, that last thing isn’t recent but still true. So….being snowed in and all it only made sense to bake. And bake I did!! Doughnuts!! I decided to start with Joy the Bakers basic baked doughnut recipe because I love almost
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Molasses Ginger Cookie Dough Dip

  Cookie. Dough. Dip. You read that right. IT IS AMAZING. I’ve been eyeing this recipe from Chocolate Covered KatieĀ for a while, and I decided to make it…with a twist. The original recipe, which I’m sure is just as delicious, is for a classic cookie dough dip. I decided, however, to try to make a molasses ginger cookie in cookie
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duck duck goose baby cookies

Duck Duck Goose Baby Cookies

    Duck Duck Goose…..Who didn’t love that game as a kid? Ah, the memories….At any rate, I started out wanting to make Molly a beginner baby cookie. And now that she has more teeth, this recipe is not exactly a teething biscuit but rather a starter cookie. It’s made with less sugar and is a slightly chewy – but
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Healthy Granola

Hello all! Do you know who we love? GIADA. I met her and it was amazing. Well, it was me turning bright red and her being super awesome. Anyways, I also think she makes some pretty awesome recipes. I recently found one for granola that didn’t use any oil, which makes it much healthier than a lot of other granola.
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