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Guinness Devil’s Food White-Out Cake

  So….St. Patrick’s Day. Again. Here is your excuse to buy a six pack of Guinness, use 1 cup in this cake and then drink the rest. It’s ok, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Everybody does it 🙂 Seriously, this cake is very good. It’s dense and moist with 1 layer of the cake pressed into the frosting and oh man,
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Guinness Stout Chocolate Doughnuts

Happy St. Patty’s Day!! Yes, just days away and because we love Guinness AND chocolate AND donuts we decided to put them all together and make a fun Saint Patrick’s Day treat! These are fast and easy and damn delicious. Eat these before you start drinking your green beer, or…..during….or after or……:-)   Guinness Stout Chocolate Doughnuts   Ingredients  
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