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Apricot-Toasted Nut Granola

We know – Granola. It sounds so boring. Like how many granola recipes are out there? Tons is the correct answer and seriously, aren’t they really just about all the same?….We get it, granola is granola. Except when it isn’t. This isn’t the normal granola. The nuts are toasted first, lots of dried apricots, plump big raisons, honey and cardamom.
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Easy No Bake Back To School Granola Bars

    Yep, it’s almost that time of year when kids are heading back to school – intense schedules begin, lunches need to be packed, after school snacks need to be available…Yikes!!! Here is a very yummy, easy no bake granola bar. This is a fun one to add whatever meets your fancy, whatever it is it will be great
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Healthy Granola

Hello all! Do you know who we love? GIADA. I met her and it was amazing. Well, it was me turning bright red and her being super awesome. Anyways, I also think she makes some pretty awesome recipes. I recently found one for granola that didn’t use any oil, which makes it much healthier than a lot of other granola.
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