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Zoe and Pippa’s Hot Air Balloon Cake

  Today Zoe and Pippa turn two! So crazy that two years have already passed, really crazy. They are amazing and sweet and smart and funny and rambunctious and a total delight. Yeah, I am not exactly objective, so what. Even Grandmas know extraordinary when they see it. Oh yeah, and beautiful too.   When Rebekkah asked them what color
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Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcakes

These cupcakes came out of the fact that we love chocolate and caramel together. OK, who doesn’t? This recipe was adapted from a few different recipes we found while looking through many. The sour cream adds moisture however, plain yogurt (or flavored if you’re feeling adventurous!) would do the same trick. These are a bit messy but oh so good
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Dark Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes

These are decadent and delicious and easy and combine two of my personal favorite things: chocolate and bacon!! A little heads up – this recipe calls for 12 slices of bacon but if you’re anything like me you best buy more than that because for some reason or another pieces go missing before adding to the recipe. At any rate,
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Sprinkle Cake!

  So what happens when you want to make a fun birthday cake and you don’t want to go to the store to buy additional ingredients? Well you look through your pantry and low and behold you discover you have a boat load of sprinkles – yes, sprinkles!! So naturally you make a sprinkle cake, of course you do!! It
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The Best Chocolate Cake. Ever.

Here is a basic chocolate cake that is totally a win-win. It’s easy and wonderful and the perfect chocolate birthday cake. And the beauty of this is that most likely you have everything you need in your cupboard. You can’t go wrong with this one, it’s always consistent and totally delicious. Now since we believe in full disclosure if you
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Basic Vegan Chocolate Cake

  This is a great basic chocolate cake recipe that also happens to be vegan, yes vegan. And…it is delicious! It has a deep chocolatey wonderful flavor with a very nice moist crumb. The traditional basic chocolate cake recipe will be posted later so in the meantime you should probably give this one a try The nice thing too is
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