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Mozzarella and Parmesan Buttermilk Quick Bread

Oh man, this bread is good. It’s easy to whip together and full of flavor. Oh yeah, it’s good toasted too. I personally think this bread would be even better with crisp pieces of bacon mixed in. Of course we all know that anything is better with bacon in it. Ok, that’s just the non-vegetarian part of this baking team
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Carrot-Buttermilk Tart

The color of this tart is outrageous, which is what first attracted us to this recipe. It also happens to be silky, smooth and unbelievably light – which makes us think that it would be the perfect desert after a heavy dinner or say…..Thanksgiving. You all know we all eat way too much at Thanksgiving but still have to (yes,
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Buttermilk Sweet Potato Muffins

So yes Thanksgiving is over and yes it’s that time of year when I should be baking with peppermint and creating festive concoctions but nope, not me….When I needed to make a muffin I went straight for the sweet potato. And you’re right, sweet potatoes aren’t just for Thanksgiving but come on, don’t we all think of Thanksgiving when someone
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