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Nutty Crazy Brownies

These are crazy because they are so good, that’s right….crazy good. They’re dense and buttery and super chocolately and loaded with nuts – all kind of roasted nuts – plus, added white chocolate chips to boot. You should be making these right now, we have no idea what you are waiting for…… Nutty Crazy Brownies   Ingredients:   2 sticks
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Reese’s 4th of July Brownies

  OK, here is an idea – Here is the perfect take to your 4th of July pot-luck party easy fabulous fun brownie!! There is no recipe in this post, only an idea….Use your favorite basic brownie recipe or use ours which you will find here: Then follow these easy peasy directions to get your fun celebration brownies!! And hey,
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Basic Fudge Brownies

Basic Fudge Brownies are sometimes hard to come by. You think you have a good recipe and then you go looking for it and realize that it’s nothing special. You’re feeling uninspired, we get it! We can help….We have just what you’re hunting around for in that messy recipe box (or drawer in my case) of yours …..These are sure
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Play Dough Brownies (made with almond butter)

  Remember when we said we would post something made with Taza chocolate in the future? Well, it’s the future and we have a delicious recipe that is easy and especially fun. It has a play dough like consistency that might freak you out a little but we promise it comes out tasting very good. We used almond butter but
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Five Minute Brownies

Susie here! It’s Monday, actually it’s baking Monday. Why? Why not? Who isn’t in the mood for a super moist very chocolatey brownie? I mean seriously…it’s chocolate, it has toasted walnuts, plus white chocolate chunks all combined to bring you just a little bit of heaven. All of a sudden this Monday doesn’t seem so bad now does it? This
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