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Savory Shallot Garlic Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

These are outrageous! They are moist and cheesy and garlicky and just so so good. And positively easy to make! We love them as an accompaniment to any meal but you know, they are just as good eaten alone. Warm. From the oven. That’s right. Now go ahead and make them and don’t be afraid to sub any cheese your
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Shallot Garlic Dough Balls

Shallot Garlic Dough Balls What can’t we say enough about these other than they are the best!! SO SO good! And listen to us here, they are easy! Seriously, they are. You mix it all together, roll it into balls, let it rise and bake em’  You just can’t go wrong with this recipe, even if you are “bread making
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Vegan Banana Avocado Muffins

  So….Banana and avocado muffins? And vegan and gluten free to boot? Ok. So how good can these actually be? We mean, seriously?! Well, good – that’s right, darn good. And here’s the thing, that color that they start out to be, that beautiful color of greenish yellow well, they end up like that too! Nice bonus in the visual
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Spicy Red Pepper, Fresh Herb and Garlic Bread

    Love, love, love this bread!! Sure it’s a bit spicy but it’s how you make it. We like ours to have a little kick so we actually add about 1 1/2 teaspoons of the chili flakes with even more on the top however, if you don’t want it all the “spicy” feel free to just tone it down
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Irish Soda Bread

In case you didn’t know, it’s St. Patrick’s day!!! In honor of today we decided to make and post our family Irish Soda Bread recipe. This particular recipe has been handed down in our family forever. My grandfather George, Rebekkah’s great-grandfather, immigrated to the US as a teenager in the late 1800’s and was a man who loved to cook!
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Babka

I recently discovered babka. If you don’t know, babka is usually a load of bread that’s been rolled or twisted and involves and chocolate or cinnamon filling. It’s amazing and delicious. This week, we’re bringing you mini-babka! They’re a little more manageable than a full babka, but still just as delicious! For these, I decided to add a few peanut
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Pumpkin Cranberry Challah

Hello all! There’s currently a huge storm on the east coast so I decided to take today and make it a baking day – which certainly works out since tomorrow is not only Thanksgiving but also Hanukkah (which starts tonight at sundown)! On my to-make list for today is gluten free bread, apple pie, pumpkin-pecan pie, cranberry sauce, and of course,
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Rosemary Squash Bread

While my husband and I were at the store the other day, I spotted some fresh rosemary. I know my husband loves rosemary bread, so I decided to pick some up and make some bread. I wasn’t sure what type of bread to make until I remembered that I had frozen squash in the freezer from some long-forgotten other baking project
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Apple Pie Croissants

I know, I know. I just made apple muffins. And I just made croissant donuts. But if you stick with me, I think you’ll all approve of this new recipe. Apple Pie Croissants. I was going to call them Autumn Croissants until my husband took a bite and said, “They’re like mini apple pies! But with croissant dough!” If you
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Croissant Donuts

Hello all! I hope you’re all having a great September. The weather is starting to turn fall-like, which is amazing and delightful! Today’s recipe, however, isn’t fall-themed, it’s pastry-themed! I’m sure you’ve all heard by now of the croissant donut (“Cronut”) phase sweeping New York. So, I decided to jump on that bandwagon and try to make them myself. They
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