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Molly’s Birthday Cake (Chocolate Dump Cake)

Molly’s daddy is having a birthday soon so we did what every almost 5 year would do – we baked a birthday cake!! An extra moist, extra chocolately, extra sprinkle daddy birthday cake!! And it’s good and easy and just plain delicious. Did we mention chocolate messy? As in the best kind of messy. Molly’s birthday cake is just the
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The Fun Birthday Cake

I mean, come on, how can you not look at this cake and not think “fun?!” It just is. This is a one bowl cake. Awesome. We guarantee you will be surprised, no wait (!) shocked, at how much you love the way this taste. It has become one of our favorite “go to cakes” just because of the taste
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Happy Birthday Chocolate Espresso Vanilla Cake

  It’s a whole new year and in this New Year ALL birthdays start over so….here is a wonderful combo cake that not only looks terrific but taste great and yes, is decadent – because we all deserve a decadent cake on our birthdays. True story. OK, we admit it, there may be lots of steps to making this cake
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White Cake with Lemon Curd Filling and Swiss Buttercream Frosting

  Need a cake? I’ve got one for you!! This one is definitely a keeper!! I’m an unofficial birthday cake maker and it’s a job that I relish and adore. This particular cake was a request by sweet Eva and one that was a blast to put together. It is light but with a dense texture, lemony but not too lemony.
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