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Duck Duck Goose Baby Cookies

    Duck Duck Goose…..Who didn’t love that game as a kid? Ah, the memories….At any rate, I started out wanting to make Molly a beginner baby cookie. And now that she has more teeth, this recipe is not exactly a teething biscuit but rather a starter cookie. It’s made with less sugar and is a slightly chewy – but
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Baby Teething Cookies

Molly (our 1 year old grand daughter/niece) is one, which means she’s teething. And she’s teething big time so…..Molly and I decided to bake her a little something that’s not so bad for her and feels good on those adorable little teething sore gums!!! And BTW, you’re never too young to bake:-) Baby Teething Cookies Adapted from: Mommy’s Kitchen Ingredients
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