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Sleepless nights…..

I had one of "those" nights last night. You know, the kind of nights where you don't sleep...at all. Up, down, up down until finally you call it at a time when most still consider it the middle of the night. That sense of relief washes over you as you have that first cup of hot, strong coffee. Not that you will be worth your salt today, but you'll go through the motions (chocolate just might be a must have today).... My brain just would not turn off, the switch was broken big time. Too many thoughts, too many shifts in life coming at me with a quick step and heavy emotional hand. I need to bake, I need to bake. Just the thought of that whole process brings comfort. Something fallish....early morn = Sweet Potato Muffins. Ahhh, I feel better already. Let's hope that switch gets fixed by tonight.  - Susie

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  1. Joann Jeffrey says:

    Had I known you were awake at that ridiculous hour, I could have given you a call. Or joined you for coffee….

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