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Reese’s 4th of July Brownies


OK, here is an idea – Here is the perfect take to your 4th of July pot-luck party easy fabulous fun brownie!! There is no recipe in this post, only an idea….Use your favorite basic brownie recipe or use ours which you will find here:
Then follow these easy peasy directions to get your fun celebration brownies!! And hey, Happy 4th of July!!
photo 2-2


Your favorite brownie recipe (Might we recommend: Basic Fudge Brownies, Five Minute Brownies, or Play Dough Brownies?)

1 bag of Reese’s minis Peanut Butter Cups

9 x 13 prepared pan



photo 2-6


photo 1-5

Push as many as your heart desires of Reese’s minis peanut butter cups into your brownie batter.


photo 2-3

Bake according to your recipe, the Reese’s will sink. It’s ok. These are good.


photo 2-7

                                                                    Happy 4th of July!!!




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