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Out Favorite Things: Part 2!

Hello all! Welcome to our second installment of Our Favorite Things! Susie's Favorite Things: Joy The Baker Cookbook .... Yes, this is my new fave cookbook and yes, I have to admit that I have a mild crush on Joy because who wouldn't? Great recipes and great chatter (check out her blog......http://joythebaker.com/). Come on already, check her out and then buy her book and then follow her blog, you won't be sorry and in fact, you will be  entertained and admired (cause you used her recipes) to boot! Wilton Icing colors in concentrated gel .... That crazy rainbow cake? Well, obviously that color didn't come from adding bottles and bottles of everyday food coloring right? So how? Yeah well, check out this concentrated form of food coloring and you will NEVER go back to that old regular everyday grocery store food coloring in the drops ever again, trust me .... you won't. Try it and then stop yourself from coloring every thing you bake cause you will want to, trust me.... just to see the color. Jaunitas Chips  .... Say what? I know what you're thinking, you are a potato chip lover not a corn chip lover so what's up with that?  I am here to tell you that these chips are addictive. In less you DO NOT want to eat the entire bag DO NOT open it. They are just what tortilla chips are supposed to be like....greasy and corny. For a added perk pop in your microwave for a couple of seconds to heat....you will never go back. And do me a favor, don't email me when you get hooked.   Rebekkah's Favorite Things: Puppodums! Specifically, these puppodums. If you haven't had them, you should get them. They come in packs of 16, and you microwave them for about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds you have a delicious snack that's ready to eat! They're also great with different toppings, might I recommend jam or chutney? Cinnamon Chex: I think I have a Cinnamon Chex problem. I could eat a whole box in one day - they are so good. If you like cinnamon cereals and you haven't tried this yet, you have to. They basically mixed Cinnamon Chex and plain Chex so the result is something similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but better. The balance is such that even though it's a sugary cereal, it's not quite as sweet as other sugary cereals. SO GOOD. Edy's Peppermint Frozen Yogurt: I know. It's a bit early for winter flavors, I mean, we've barely started Fall. HOWEVER, I will always make an exception for peppermint flavored anything. This frozen yogurt is no exception - if you like peppermint, get this frozen yogurt! (NOTE: if you're on the West Coast, here's the link!)

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  1. JoAnn Jeffrey says:

    Maybe I will try some azure blue peppermint ice cream!

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