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Our Favorite Things: Part 6

Our Favorite Things: Part 6 - Themes!

Susie's Favorite Things:

My favorite things this week have a theme. A theme I can not believe I have not touched on until now. It's crazy that I wouldn't have mentioned one of my favorite things until this very minute. After all, it is that something that I could literally eat every day, every meal. That's right, bacon. It all starts with bacon. I'm crazy about and in fact would incorporate it into every meal if I could. It is the one thing that is always in my freezer. You just never know when you're going to need it 🙂  My favorite bacon is from the butcher at my local Albertson's store. I am especially fond of the pepper bacon....so my home town friends, if you love bacon check it out, buy some and enjoy!


My second thing > Baconnaise. Yes, I said - Baconnaise! It is just what you think it is, bacon flavored mayonnaise and it is wonderful. I love it, especially as a base or on a sandwich or mixed in a pasta salad or whipped up into an amazing Baconnaise Caesar Dressing (my fave). Here is the recipe I use if you are feeling it:http://mantestedrecipes.com/recipe/2569/print-friendly.aspx. The point is, it's good. Give it a shot and try it. And a special shout out to my wonderful son-in-law, who gave me my first jar, thanks Nick!

And last but not least, my favorite bacon cookbook:  Seduced by Bacon, Recipes & Lore About America's favorite Indulgence. Written by Joanna Pruess. This is a totally fun, creative and enjoyable cookbook. Of course the bonus being is that it's all about bacon, which you all know by now I love! Duh. This particular cookbook is a fun read and also happens to have some great recipes. I think my fave in this book is a recipe called: Macattacaroni. It's on page 140 and it is the best mac and cheese you'll ever have. Ok another shout out goes to both Rebekkah and Nick for giving me the gift of this book a couple of years ago. I have used it so much it is covered in bacon grease. That's a good thing.

Rebekkah's Favorite Things:

When Susie sent me her favorite things for this week's blog and they were themed, I knew I had to do a theme too! I don't eat meat (I'm sorry, Susie), so that was out. I do, however, love sauces. Honestly, almost all sauces. So, here are a few of my favorites. My first is Sweet Chili Sauce from Trader Joe's. It's perfect for any Asian dish you whip up, or really anything involving tofu, rice, or noodles. Plus, it's from Trader Joe's, which means you can pretty much get it anywhere.

My second favorite thing is mustard. I love mustard. One of my favorites is the one above, Champagne Shallot Mustard from Stonewall Kitchen. It is SO. GOOD. However, it's a bit spendy. If you're looking for new mustards, I would recommend anything by Stonewall Kitchen, horseradish mustard (I promise, it's SO good), or dill mustard.

Chances are, you already know about my last favorite sauce, Sriracha. Sriracha is one of those things that most people have seen, even if you haven't tried it. The trick to using Sriracha is starting off slow - if you put in too much too fast, you've ruined your whole dish and odds are you can't feel your mouth - it's very spicy! Used in moderation, however, it's fantastic!

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