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Our Favorite Things: Part 3!

OCTOBER! How did this happen so fast?! Luckily, Fall is a favorite of both Rebekkah and Susie. So here it is, our favorite things!   Susie's Favorite Things:

I love Honeycrisp apples. They're sweet, they're firm, they're tart, they are the best. Once you have one (and hurry, this is a short season) you will long for this time of year every year and you will pay whatever you have to just to sink your teeth into this amazing apple. Yum. And how beautiful is this.....


Chocolate chips. It was only a matter of time until I listed this as one of my favorite things. What kind? Easy. Ghirardelli. What flavor? Also easy, I like ALL of them - meaning ..... classic white, semi-sweet, milk, 100% cacao, etc......I like to mix them and add them to any recipe that calls for chocolate chips or....OK, I confess - I prefer to mix them all together in a easily accessible hand-in jar ..... Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking - She's addicted to chocolate chips. It is what it is.

Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract. I swear I would wear this as perfume if I could get away with it or didn't actually want to put it in almost everything that I bake. I love this vanilla. It is made using a cold extraction process that very gently coaxes maximum flavor from the vanilla beans and trust me, it does. The result is a sweet, creamy, mellow Pure Vanilla that you just want to wear. Like I said.   Rebekkah's Favorite Things: Diet Coke. I know, I know, tons of people love Diet Coke. Well, specifically, Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke. Never heard of it? Well, that's because it was only available for one year! Very sad stuff. When I heard it was being discontinued, I forced Susie to go around Eugene and buy every box she could find (Thanks Mom!) I honestly think I still might have a box, which is fine since Diet Coke never goes bad. And if it's any indication of how much I loved it, it was discontinued 5 years ago and I'm still talking about it. (P.S. If you live near a Coke Freestyle Machine, you can make something very similar) Canned Pumpkin. It's Autumn, which means it's pumpkin season! The thing I love about canned pumpkin is that you can put it in anything, and it's super healthy. My favorites are pumpkin oatmeal and pumpkin enchilada. You can also substitute pumpkin into recipes (like brownies!) for healthier versions.  Trader Joe's Eggplant Hummus. This is literally my favorite store-bought hummus ever. Haven't tried it? GO GET SOME! It's so great. However, it's sadly the only flavor that's not available on the East Coast (OK, I don't know that for sure, but it's definitely not here). The point is, if you see it, buy it! You won't be disappointed.

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