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  FLAPJACKS. When I say “flapjacks,” I’m guessing you’re thinking about pancakes. I certainly was until I learned of the British variety of flapjacks. These flapjacks are much more like granola bars, except that one of their main features is golden syrup, another item I had never heard of. Golden syrup is not as widely available in the U.S., and around me
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South Africa and Tea

  Hello all! Today I’m going to go off on a bit of a tangent before getting to the recipe. I promise, it’ll all be worth it.     As some of you already know, I love South Africa (Note to Susie: go to South Africa already!). I’ve been twice, once with a program through my school and once for
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Homemade Speculoos (Cookie Butter) Spread

Hello all! This week we have another recipe for cookies in spread/dip form. This time, Speculoos AKA Biscoff AKA Cookie Butter Spread. You may remember last year we made Gevulde Speculaas, which was a pastry that was made with the Speculoos (or Speculaas) spices. The spice blend is perfect for winter, using cinnamon and nutmeg and all the flavors you would expect
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King Arthur Flour Field Trip

    We are a teensy bit obsessed with King Arthur Flour over here. Just a bit. OK, a lot. Have you seen their amazing website? Have you tried any of their fabulous recipes? Have you been to their fantastic store?  This is why we had to take a field trip to King Arthur Flour’s store in Norwich, Vermont. It’s near nothing,
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A Chocolate Factory Tour?! We’re in!

Odds are, you’ve heard of Taza Chocolate. Have you? Well, if you haven’t, Google it, because it’s delicious!   Susie and I recently went on a tour at Taza and had the best time! You get to learn all about the chocolate making process, the cocoa beans, and what makes Taza different than other companies: 1) it’s tiny! and 2) it’s
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M&M World

New York City!

Hello all! Can you believe it’s already April?! MADNESS. Well, last weekend, I went to New York to celebrate Nicholas’ birthday! His birthday was a while ago, but we celebrated in New York this past weekend. Luckily, he has really awesome parents-in-law who provided him with a trip to New York (thanks Susie!) So, below is a recap of the
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Our Favorite Things: Part 3!

OCTOBER! How did this happen so fast?! Luckily, Fall is a favorite of both Rebekkah and Susie. So here it is, our favorite things!   Susie’s Favorite Things: I love Honeycrisp apples. They’re sweet, they’re firm, they’re tart, they are the best. Once you have one (and hurry, this is a short season) you will long for this time of
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Out Favorite Things: Part 2!

Hello all! Welcome to our second installment of Our Favorite Things! Susie’s Favorite Things: Joy The Baker Cookbook …. Yes, this is my new fave cookbook and yes, I have to admit that I have a mild crush on Joy because who wouldn’t? Great recipes and great chatter (check out her blog…… Come on already, check her out and then
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Welcome to Vacationland

  Hello! I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend! I certainly am, who doesn’t love three day weekends? Honestly, they’re fantastic. My husband and I decided to take a quick day-trip to Maine AKA Vacationland AKA We-Claim-We-Have-Moose-But-Nobody-Has-Ever-Seen-One (if you haven’t been to Maine, there are signs everywhere to be careful about the moose, but we’ve yet to see
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