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Margarita Gummies

    Margarita Gummies? Say what? Yep. And tomorrow is  Cinco de Mayo no less  (May 5th!!). Crazy stuff. These are strong so watch it! They are very “gummy” like in texture so if you are an original gummy fan, meaning pretty rubbery, then you will love this. Well, texture and the buzz you’re going to get from them! Have fun…..and
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A Really Good New Year’s Bloody Mary

First, Happy New Year!! What we are giving you this New Year is a really good drink to wake up too. Legend even has it that Bloody Mary’s are great for hangovers, not that we would know that. We just know the legend At any rate, this can even be made the day/night before – then straight out of your
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Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

  OK, it’s cocktail Friday (as we have declared it!!) and summer really has wrapped up. It’s officially fall but maybe you’re like us, just a little reluctant to let summer go….Here is a perfect way to help with that transition, Sangria!! And with honey crisp apples to boot!! We love these apples SO much, makes saying goodbye to summer
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watermelon vodka slushie 2-2

3 Ingredient Summer Watermelon Vodka Slushies

    It’s the middle of summer. You’re hot and you’re tired and It’s been a long day. What you really want to do is sit outside on this beautiful summer evening and….relax. Well, we have a fabulous easy summer drink that will help you with that process! And it is SO easy!! Only three ingredients, that’s right……three. 3 ingredient
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South Africa and Tea

  Hello all! Today I’m going to go off on a bit of a tangent before getting to the recipe. I promise, it’ll all be worth it.     As some of you already know, I love South Africa (Note to Susie: go to South Africa already!). I’ve been twice, once with a program through my school and once for
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Halloween Blood Orange Pop Rocks Cocktail

Halloween time > pumpkin carving, trick or treating, costumes, candy and spooky cocktails…yes, fun adult Halloween cocktails. We have a cocktail for you that is fun to make (pop rocks on the rim already!), light and not too sweet (so it goes well with your Halloween candy of choice   Oh and a couple of fun facts: Blood oranges are
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Blueberry Vanilla Cocktail

Last week, when Susie and I made Cheesecake Blueberry Cookies, it wasn’t the only thing we made – we also made a Blueberry Vanilla Cocktail! This cocktail is super simple and super delicious! Make it!   Blueberry Vanilla Cocktail     Ingredients: 3 ounces blueberry vanilla simple syrup 1 cup water 1/2 cup fresh (or frozen) blueberries 1 cup sugar
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24 hours later!!

Infused Fresh Fruit Water (or whatever)

  Ok, here is the deal….we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a few practical items like a pillow and of course the pillow case, a few hand towels and a shower curtain. VERY practical right? Well what we came away with was nothing what we went for. We are suckers for fun stuff and when we are together
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