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Black Magic Cocktail

  This is such a fun cocktail and it’s delicious. The kids get candy, you get a cocktail – totally seems fair The rosemary in this really throws a twist into this refreshing drink. Not too mention the vodka lemony kick! And we love love using black ice cubes, so fun! If you are not a licorice fan leave out
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Bourbon Street Blackberry Brut Cocktail

  It’s Mardi Gras time so where ever you are let’s celebrate !!  You don’t have to go crazy, but how about a nice easy refreshing cocktail? That’s right, a cocktail. Put an umbrella in it too if it makes you feel more festive and while you’re at it, throw your beads on   Bourbon Street Blackberry Brut Cocktail  
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A Really Good New Year’s Bloody Mary

First, Happy New Year!! What we are giving you this New Year is a really good drink to wake up too. Legend even has it that Bloody Mary’s are great for hangovers, not that we would know that. We just know the legend At any rate, this can even be made the day/night before – then straight out of your
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Persimmon Margarita

                                 Do you love persimmons? Do you love margaritas? Make these. Done.                                                             Persimmon Margarita                                                                  Ingredients 1 1/2 shots of gold tequila Heaping spoonful of pureed persimmon (puree in blender/food processor with skin on) Small splash of Triple Sec Heavy splash of homemade sweet n’ sour (1 part simple syrup, 2 parts lemon juice) Small
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Lemon Drop Cocktail

  Could this really be The Perfect Lemon Drop? Why yes it could, and is! True story (if we don’t say so ourselves :-). What makes it so “perfect” you might ask? We think the trick is having fresh lemon simple syrup to add along with the fresh lemon juice. Also, there really is something to rimming the glass with
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Halloween Blood Orange Pop Rocks Cocktail

Halloween time > pumpkin carving, trick or treating, costumes, candy and spooky cocktails…yes, fun adult Halloween cocktails. We have a cocktail for you that is fun to make (pop rocks on the rim already!), light and not too sweet (so it goes well with your Halloween candy of choice   Oh and a couple of fun facts: Blood oranges are
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Blueberry Vanilla Cocktail

Last week, when Susie and I made Cheesecake Blueberry Cookies, it wasn’t the only thing we made – we also made a Blueberry Vanilla Cocktail! This cocktail is super simple and super delicious! Make it!   Blueberry Vanilla Cocktail     Ingredients: 3 ounces blueberry vanilla simple syrup 1 cup water 1/2 cup fresh (or frozen) blueberries 1 cup sugar
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Watermelon Sangria

  Watermelon Sangria? Hello! Seriously, does anything sound better than Watermelon Sangria on a hot mid-August summer day? The answer is no – just say no. This is one of the most refreshing, light fun summer drinks you will ever make. And we love the variety of fruit you can add…whatever you’re feeling like is the right choice. So, have
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Cool Cucumber Bread and Fresh Peach Bellinis

The dogs days of summer are upon us…long hot days, cool evenings. And of course those inevitable relaxing late afternoon parties. We came up with a wonderful late afternoon summer snack and a lovely refreshing cocktail that pairs nicely with the Cucumber bread. Cool Cucumber Bread – huh, yeah. Refreshing fresh Peach Bellini – huh, yeah. It’s all about staying
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