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Oreo Scones

Yes, scones with mini oreo cookies in them. I know crazy, right. Well, we happened to have some of those mini’s in the cupboard and sort of remembered coming across a scone recipe once with cookies in them so yeah, decided to create pretty much the same thing and….the results were awesome. A moist scone with many many little oreos
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Honeycrisp Apple Pumpkin Scones with Maple Glaze

  These are a seasonal favorite and we love them. We love honeycrisp apples so yeah, we love these. This is a good combo – pumpkin + honeycrisp + maple = so, so good. Add that maple glaze and this is definitely a winner. You can also skip the maple (if you prefer) and dust with powdered sugar or cinnamon
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Fresh Summertime Apricot Lemon Scones

Who doesn’t love apricots?  We do in almost anything, anytime. Here is a recipe that is just the best on a hot summer morning with your first cup of coffee. Awesome. Here is some advice, not that you asked, but here it is anyway ….. Buy a bunch of apricots, pit and chop or slice them, put them in freezer
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Best Ever Gluten Free Dried Blueberry Lemon Scones

  We have to admit that these were a surprise to us. We did not expect these scones to be so light and tasty. Seriously. If you are gluten free or know someone who is this is the recipe for you. And besides, it is very “Spring” and light and all things good that go with a cup of tea
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Dried Cherry Oatmeal Scones (Gluten Free)

Dried Cherry Oatmeal Scones (Gluten Free) Yesterday was election day and I have to admit I was a bit anxious. By now you all know what I do when I’m anxious, I bake. And since it was early morn and actually still pitch dark out side, I settled on a morning baked good. Scones. I love scones. They are easy
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