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This is about us but make sure to check out the updates. Stuff changes. About us? Um, well let's see .... We are mother and daughter and we both are baking crazy!! I'm Susie (mom) and Rebekkah is my darling daughter. I have baked my whole life, having grown up in a kitchen who's mom only ever cooked/baked anything and everything from scratch. I loved baking from the get go - it has always been about the process for me, don't get me wrong, I enjoy the finished product as well, it's just that I don't know a better way to relieve stress other than baking. My style is to actually measure ingredients, for me it's chemistry with a twist plus a few add ins.... You can never have too much vanilla plus I'm all about the toasted nuts ... Rebekkah on the other hand is of the philosophy that eyeballing is good enough and you know what? That girl has a good eye!!! This method always seems to work for her, much to my chagrin 🙂 And you never know what mystery ingredient she might throw into a recipe just because it sounds intriguing to her. I have to say that baking for Rebekkah is not only about having a creative outlet but also a stress relief as well. She is a newly married 3rd year law student. And that's not to say that it's the newly married part that contributes to the stress but obviously the student part! Well that and living so far from her mama 🙂 You see, I live on the west coast (Oregon) and she is on the east coast. As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time passing recipes back and forth, photos, thoughts and ideas about baking. What better way to share all this stuff other than a blog?! The Blog name? That was easy, my nickname for Rebekkah was (is) Sweetie-Pie, which on occasion is shortened to just ... Pie. Totally appropriate indeed.   **Update #1: It's been a couple of years since we started this blog so thought perhaps it was time to update! Rebekkah has finished law school, passed the bar, and is now a practicing attorney (yay! and how proud is her mama:-) I can definitely say that baking for her was instrumental in getting her through that whole process. Phew. She is still living on the east coast while her husband finishes up his graduate degree and then.....who knows where they will end up! I am still on the west coast so I am pretty sure you all know where I hope they land:-) Many, many changes ahead for us so keep posted!! And....keep on baking!!  Sept. 23, 2014   **Update #2: Still baking here. However, mostly just me these days....you see along with becoming an attorney, and Nick finishing graduate school,  Rebekkah and Nick were also blessed with twin baby girls so yep, they have been busy. Not too mention they have moved abroad ..... complicated busy lives leave little time for baking! So if you are missing those recipes with mystery ingredients that no one would actually add to a recipe and then does and it is fantastic well, don't worry...Rebekkah will be back 🙂 Keep on baking y'all!! Sept. 8, 2016