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A Scary Thing……

I had to do something scary today. OK, maybe not scary in the way I'm-plummeting in my car-off-a-bridge-into-an-icy-river-with-no-escape-hatch scary would be but nonetheless...scary, and intimidating at best. What could be sooo scary you might be wondering. Well, I had to learn how to post on this blog. That's right, post on this blog which to me is like learning a foreign language - really fast. A little over dramatic, I'll give that to you. Did I want to quit? Oh yeah. Rebekkah and Emily (my middle daughter, Pie's big sister) would not let me, even when I used my "mom" voice. And so....I did it, with lots of help and guidance but I got it done. And I was exhausted. And the moral of this story? Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks. Even when they beg to stop:-) Thank you girls....... -Susie

2 Responses to “A Scary Thing……”

  1. JoAnn Jeffrey says:

    You did it! And you did it VERY WELL!!!!!!

  2. Shelley Maynard says:

    Great job! of course I’ve always believed that you could do anything you set your mind to do.

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