Baked Lemon Donuts

Donuts, donuts, donuts!! We love donuts, we really do. And these have got to be healthy cause we used fresh lemons, right? Yes. These are good, they have a very nice firm crumb so are perfect for dunking in your coffee or tea. We also have a vegan version of this particular donut that we’ll post later and it’s just
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Happy Birthday Chocolate Espresso Vanilla Cake

  It’s a whole new year and in this New Year ALL birthdays start over so….here is a wonderful combo cake that not only looks terrific but taste great and yes, is decadent – because we all deserve a decadent cake on our birthdays. True story. OK, we admit it, there may be lots of steps to making this cake
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Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich Cookies (GF)

Here is a nice new year gluten free cookie to pack in your kids lunches as they begin back to school. We used honey (cause we adore honey!) but any jam or jelly works and tastes just as great. We also make them a little bit bigger than bite size but obviously the size of your sandwich is a preference
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A Really Good New Year’s Bloody Mary

First, Happy New Year!! What we are giving you this New Year is a really good drink to wake up too. Legend even has it that Bloody Mary’s are great for hangovers, not that we would know that. We just know the legend At any rate, this can even be made the day/night before – then straight out of your
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Happy New Years Day Quiche

  Here is a great fresh quiche that can be made ahead of time and re-heated on New Years Day. It’s also a lovely recipe that can be played with ingredients wise. This is the basic recipe but we’ll tell you, we usually always add bacon (at least in Susie’s house!) and asparagus is always a tasty addition. Remember….make it
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Persimmon Cranberry Sangria

Christmas is upon us, as in happy day before y’all! But man, did it get here fast? Again. So now it is Christmas day and it’s your turn to cook and have the crowd over so ……. You know how you’re cooking in the kitchen all day and then everyone arrives and eats everything in like a millisecond? Well, this
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Christmas Morn. Baking Powder Cinnamon Rolls

So it’s Christmas morning…how do home made warm cinnamon rolls sound that you didn’t slave over all morning?  This one’s it, seriously. You can make and bake up to a couple of days before Christmas morning, wrap them tightly and then re-heat Christmas morning and frost. Just like you just baked them…….And come on, is there anything better than cinnamon
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Chocolate Pretzel Bark

  Here is an easy last minute Hanukkah/Christmas yummy-sweet-treat-give-away. It is appropriately decadent, it’s in the true chocolatey spirit of the holidays. Yep, totally. This will take you 10 minutes to put together and the pay off is excellent. Now it’s up to you to put your creative on in the packaging department!! Make it. Eat tons. Give it away.
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Holiday Pinwheel Cookies

  This is a fun recipe to make and give away. You can make these ahead and freeze and then slice and bake the dough later or – make and bake immediately and then freeze. This cookie is a crisp vanilla on vanilla or peppermint on vanilla and they are GOOD. They are colorful, and as we said, a very
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Super Easy Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Here we go again and in the same week no less….another fantastic holiday food gift and so so easy to make and then package for your very cool give away. Have fun and try not too eat too much of it. Oh forget it, who can resist warm chocolate? Seriously.                                                          Super Easy Chocolate Peppermint Bark   Super simple
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