Alice’s Vegan Omega 3 Lovin’ Cookies

  We have a guest baker!! Our sweet Alice is in the kitchen making some outrageous healthy, yes we said healthy, cookies!! Alice also happens to be my beautiful daughter-in-law and Rebekkah’s sister-in-law and how lucky are we ….. she bakes! And she bakes healthy no less so take a look at her wonderful recipe and make these cookies! Of
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Little Irish Oatmeal Cakes (Vegan)

So…tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, yes it is. Instead of posting a fancy green cocktail or Irish Soda Bread (how boring) we decided to give you a recipe that you will need the day after St. Patrick’s Day. And they are Vegan to boot. This is the killer of all killers for soaking up all the green beer you drank.
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Blueberry Lime Cream Cheese Cookies

Welcome to almost Spring!! It’s just around the corner and coming up fast so we have the perfect cookie for you……If you love cream cheese and the zip of lime then you’ll love these cookies. And if you love blueberries (dried to boot!) well then this is a win win for you. These are interesting because you cook the cream
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Oatmeal Molasses Bread

This is an incredibly reliable bread that happens to be delicious to boot! It has a really nice sturdy crumb. It won’t take you long to get this prepared, baked and smothered in butter. We love this with just about everything…..and it makes great toast! Love this bread!   Oatmeal Molasses Bread Ingredients: 3 cups boiling water 2 cups old
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Poppa’s 91st Birthday Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Today is my dad’s, Rebekkah’s Poppa and…. all of her siblings and all of his great-grand children’s – 91st birthday!! Yes, 91. This cake is super moist and lovely with tea or a big fat scoop of vanilla ice cream!! This is one of Poppa’s favorite cakes and one that my mom always made for him so….Happy Birthday, Dad/Poppa!! We
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Grapefruit White Chocolate Brown Butter Cookies

Grapefruit cookies? I know, right? Can these cookies really be good? The answer is a resounding YES! We love these cookies so much. They are in fact incredibly interesting in all of the subtle flavors that come through….floral grapefruit, sea salt, sweet sweet white chocolate, nutty brown butter, man oh man…..You just have to try these, seriously. Do it. Grapefruit
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Valentines Day Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake

Crazy but it seems to be almost Valentines Day. It is literally only a few short days away. Want to bake something memorable? Of course you do. We got you covered, this is by far the mother of all cheesecake cake’s!! It’s fun and easy (yes, easy) to make. And it freezes well so…..Happy Valentines Day. Make this cake  
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Parmesan Crisps

This is simply an easy and delicious recipe.  If you love cheese as an addition to anything (!) this recipe is for you. This time we made the crisps to add as an addition to our salad however,  where these crisps really shine is floating a few on top of split pea soup! Man, it’s good. It’s this salty, crunchy
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Persimmon Cinnamon Toasted Pecan Muffins

This is a fun muffin that isn’t too sweet and is great for breakfast. And despite the persimmons in them, these muffins freeze well. We love persimmons so natch we are going to think these are good This is an easy recipe to add other things too – how about: pineapple, grated carrot, freshly grated ginger – well, you get
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Baked Lemon Donuts

Donuts, donuts, donuts!! We love donuts, we really do. And these have got to be healthy cause we used fresh lemons, right? Yes. These are good, they have a very nice firm crumb so are perfect for dunking in your coffee or tea. We also have a vegan version of this particular donut that we’ll post later and it’s just
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